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The origin of blocks or trauma may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. We travel through our lives as sponges, absorbing the energies associated with the experiences we are having. When an experience is positive, we are then blessed to have a positive filter through which we continue our journey. We are helped by that positive experience. It may be that we gained wisdom we can use as we continue to learn and live. Similarly, a negative experience, or even one that we saw as neutral may create difficulties or challenges for us as we work to accomplish our goals and improve our lives.

It may be that the trauma from the birth process, stress, anxiety, illness, anger, guilt, surgery, divorce, or the energy of a fall or accident could cause an imbalance and disharmony within one's being. The associated energy, whether it is a thought, a feeling, or a habit pattern, unless released, may "walk around" with a person making detachment, objectivity, and/or forward movement difficult.

Using the MultiBody Release™, work is done to release energy blocks, stored trauma, and the energy pattern that could allow a similar experience to occur in life. If a person has a tendency, for example, to choose a relationship partner who ends up leaving them, it may be that this pattern of relationship is held within their body. When this energy is removed, the person may, with new ease, progress to their next choice of partner without as much potential of repeating the old pattern.

When there has been a newly fallen snow, the landscape is pristine with, for example, ten inches of a white blanket. The first person to take their steps makes a significant impression on those that follow. Is it likely that the next person, and the person after that will follow in their footsteps? A negative pattern may begin or a block may form just as easily and be reinforced without conscious awareness.
During the session, verbal release may occur in the form of descriptions of feelings and/or memories which may occur as a result of the process. However, verbal interaction and identification of what is being released is not necessary to the process, and memories may not occur. Once the energy is removed, it no longer has its original negative effect. The client does not need to re-experience a trauma in order for the energy of it to be removed. As long as the energy is held within the bodies, it may affect the person's life.

No psychotherapeutic counseling is offered. This technique is intended to serve as an adjunct to medical, psychiatric, and/or psychotherapeutic counseling.

Session goals may be discussed in categories as follows:

  • Clearing blocks to relationships
  • Clearing blocks to prosperity
  • Clearing blocks from a fall, injury, or accident
  • Clearing blocks associated with rape or sexual abuse
  • Clearing negative energies from abuse (child, spousal, physical, emotional, or mental)
  • Clearing negative energies associated with a surgery
  • Clearing negative energies or blocks that occurred prior to birth
  • Clearing blocks to goals
There are no guarantees or claims made that a person will be more successful once a block is removed. There are other factors, which also impact success.

Two hours are required for a session. Comfortable cotton clothing is worn to facilitate the releasing process.

MultiBody Release™ works in a balanced manner with the nervous system, the endocrine system, the meridian system, the chakra system, and with the entire being. The work stimulates the natural flow of acetylcholine and sympathin fluids; essential for proper nerve function, and works to bring in balancing positive energies.

There is a natural survival mechanism that happens to allow a person to live when a trauma has occurred. That which has been traumatic gets "pushed down" to a depth that may not be accessed by the consciousness. The MultiBody Release™ facilitates the release of these stored energy blocks and traumatic events quickly and without the emotion or memory of the experience lingering in the consciousness whenever possible.

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